Golf Playdates

Golf Playdates

Golf Playdates
Golf Playdates are one of our most popular on-going golf playing activities during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  All Golf Playdates are open to our EWGA St. Louis Chapter Members.  Non-EWGA members may join us for 2 of our golf events before joining EWGA, per our chapter's Guest Policy.

We average over 25 Playdates each year at various golf courses throughout the St. Louis Metro area  including St. Louis, St. Charles, and Illinois courses.

Our Playdate formats generally include 18 holes of golf with lunch or dinner apres' golf.  Golf is usually played in a Stroke Play format, but sometimes we have a Scramble play date.  We will also have some playdates planned as Match Play events.

RSVP for Playdates via Meetup Group
We post all our Playdates on our Chapter Google Calendar (open to EWGA members) and in our Meetup Group Website.  Michael Rodney posts the Playdate information in Meetup approximately 2 weeks before the golf date.  If you would like to join us for our Playdates, please join our Meetup Group, and RSVP to our events.  We use the RSVP responses to know how many tee times to confirm with the golf courses.

Playdate Host/Hostess
You can help facilitate our playdates by volunteering as a Playdate Host/Hostess.  The general responsibilities for a Playdate Host/Hostess are:
  1. Select tee times for the given Playdate by calling the golf course about 2 weeks prior to the Playdate.
  2. Select a restaurant for apres' golf lunch or dinner and make reservations, if required.
  3. Meet and Greet the golfers and help coordinate 2, 3, or 4-somes, as needed.

If interested in volunteering as a Playdate Host, please contact Michael Rodney for open Playdates and to discuss Playdate Host Responsibilities.  Also, EWGA Members can read the Playdate Host Responsibility Manual by clicking the link below.

BTW:  Volunteering as a Playdate Host/Hostess earns you an invitation to our end-of-the-year Volunteer Dinner Party.  We hope to see all our members at this event.