2016 Spring Kick Off Payments

2016 Spring Kick Off Payments



Per our 2016 Spring Kick off webpage, there are 3 choices for our Kick off Event.
Please click this Spring Kickoff webpage, if you need a refresher of the details.

All attendees must prepay via PayPal system for the 2016 Spring Kick off Event.
You can pay using a Credit Card or your PayPal account.

Registrations and Payments will Close on April 13th.

Please select one (1) of the following options for the Kick off Lunch Meeting.

For Lunch Only $30.00 

For Lunch and Clinic $45.00  

For Lunch and Golf $65.00    

If you are making payment for a friend, at the bottom of payment screen you will find

"Add special instructions to the seller"  click on the  Add  and then enter the name(s) of person(s) you are paying for.

Click Here to Return to the 2016 Spring Kick off webpage for details.

There will be a $5.00 cancellation fee for any one who cancels after April 14, 2016.