Newsletters and Eblasts

Newsletters and Eblasts

Your EWGA St. Louis Chapter uses Constant Contact for distributing our Monthly Newsletters and Periodic E-Blasts. Newsletters are sent monthly and contain a variety of topics from a recent activity to an activity or golf event planned in the next few weeks.  

Information in Newsletters is generally an overview of a topic, but because we touch on several topics, the length may be a couple of pages.  
E-Blasts are sent once or twice a month and focuses on one or two upcoming golf events.  E-Blasts are intended to provide more detail information on an upcoming event.  In both Newsletters and E-Blasts, a link to the activity or event webpage will be provided.

Active Members are pulled from EWGA for our distribution list.  NonMembers interested in joining EWGA may also join our mailing list by …… You may unsubscribe form our Newsletters and E-Blasts at any time by selecting "unsubscribe" at the bottom of a Constant Contact Mailing.  

The current months Newsletters and E-Blasts will be archived in the next month.

Links to our past Newsletters, E-Blasts, and Surveys are available via this link.
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